“It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from” (Acts 10, 35)

About me

I am Samantha Joanna Marzinzik. My passion is practical science. My mission is to transfer my gained insights as a language learner and teacher into theoretical knowlegde to make it accessable and adaptable for everyone. My main focus here is not only an effective language aquisition, but also supporting equal chances to access education(al knowledge) for everyone. Continue reading “About me”

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Lexika im Unterricht für sprachlich förderbedürftige Schüler. Kommunikation im sprachsensiblen Fachunterricht

Ein funktionalpragmatischer Ansatz Abstract: This thesis focuses on improving the communication in specialized classes (sprachsensibler Fachunterricht) by looking at a recorded class on analyzing literature. The sprachsensibler Fachunterricht aims for teaching students necessary German skills for succeeding in general classes in schools.